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Roast Kimchi(can)

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Roast Kimchi(can)



Pan-fried Kimchi(Roast Kimchi) Kimchi is pan-fried and canned!

  1. Well-aged Kimchi (pH 4.2-4.5) is used for pan-frying.
  2. Remove the juice from Kimchi (35%) and pan-fry the Kimchi with perilla oil and seasoning.
  3. Pan-fried Kimchi is canned and sterilized for safety.
  4. Canned Kimchi provides long-term and easy storage and superior distribution needs.
  5. Canned Kimchi prevents Kimchi from having an unpleasant odor during distribution and is easy to handle.
  6. Useful in many ways, including rice side dish.
  7. Designed to suit the tastes of all peoples in the world



  • product name : Roast Kimchi(can)
  • category : Kimchi
  • material/ingredient :kimchi 93.34% [salted cabbage, radish, dried red pepper powder, anchovy sauce, garlic, chives, scallion, onion, ginger, apple,starch paste, starch syrup, sugar], soybean oil 2.33%, garlic 2.33%, sugar 0.93%, perilla oil 0.93%, sodium inosinate 0.14%
  • weight : 75 X 50 (mm)
  • shelf life : 36 months
  • storage way : room temperature
  • ea/1box : 30
  • Minimum lot : 10 boxes