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Canned Cheong Guk Jang

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Canned Cheong GukJang(Sonswiun Cheong GukJang)



  1. Canned Cheonggukjang provides superior storage and distribution needs to enhance export.
  2. Canned Cheonggukjang prevents cheonggukjang from having an unpleasant odor during distribution and is easy to handle.
  3. As it is pre-seasoned, it is easy to cook.
  4. Is a versatile food to prepare jjigae (Korean style stew) or as rice side dish or seasoning, and even as healthy alternative to spread on your bread.
  5. Designed to suit the tastes of foreigners.


  1. Of Enteric bacteria, Bacillus cereus causing food poisoning was sterilized, while Bacillus subtrilis beneficial to the body is alive in Cheong GukJang.
  2. Canned Cheong GukJang can be kept for a long period of time and is convenient and easy for distribution. Unique raw Korean cheong gukjang can be exported overseas by this canned product.
  3. This product can prevent peculiar taste of Cheong GukJang and is easy to handle.
  4. This is seasoned cheong gukjang convenient and easy to cook and this can be used for a variety of purposes such as cheong gukjang soap, cheong gukjang basic side-dish or seasoned bean paste, cheong guk condiment compound and cheong gukjang jam (for bread).
  5. This product is processed in order that even foreigners like Korean taste.



  • product name : CheongGukJang (can)
  • category : CheongGukJang (Sauce)
  • material/ingredient : SOY BEEN PASTE 83.33%, RADISH-BASE 6.67% SOY BEEN POWER 3.33%, SUGAR 2.33% STARCH 1.67%, SALT 1.67%, RED PEPPER 1.00%, IMP 0.01%
  • weight : 75 X 50 (mm)
  • shelf life : 24 months
  • storage way : room temperature
  • ea/1box : 30
  • Minimum lot : 10 boxes


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Canned Cheong Guk Jang