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Shik-hye Making

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Shik-hye Making



DUREBANG SHIKHYE MAKING, as a new patented invention, allows even a kindergartner or foreigner to easily make traditional shik-hye with a rice cooker or slow cooker by just keeping leftover rice, water and the Shik-hye Making in keep-warm function for 8 hours. (If you put them into a cooker in the evening, you can get shik-hye next morning.)

2004 : Win a bronze medal in 2004 Korea' Traditional Food Best 5.
2004 : Win a medal in the 7th National Tourism Souvenir Competition.
2004 : Win a special prize in Gyeongsangnam-do Tourism Exhibition.
2004 : Selected as a 2004 Best Hit Product by Seoul Economy.
Solution for left over rice!!! Even children or foreigners can make traditional sikhye easily.
With Sikhye Making, you don't need to worry about how to treat guests.
* Sikhye Making is a patented product of Durebang.
* Jelly oil is made 100% of Korean barley.
Patented Sikhye Making is developed to allow anyone to make sikhye with ease.

The lineup of Sikhye Making is made of Green Tea Sikhye, Ginseng Sikhye, Yeongji Sikhye, Pine Leaf Sikhye, Sambaekcho Sikhye, Eoseongcho Sikhye, and Choco Sikhye.
Thanks to this variety, customers can choose any sikhye according to their taste.
Also, there is Deokyong Sikhye for mass consumption, which is suitable for large organizations or restaurants.


  • Even children and foreigners can make sikhye easily.
  • All complicated processes are simplified.
  • Put water, rice and Durebang Sikhye Making into a cooker and wait eight hours for fermenting. Then, you can enjoy Korean tradtional sikhye.
  • With left over rice, you can make sikhye.
  • In the process of making sikhye, no deterioration or decoloration takes place.(Enzymes, antiseptics or color agents are not used.)
  • The essence of Korean traditional taste is included.
  • You can taste sikhye with very special flavor.



  • product name : Shik-hye Making
  • category : Shik-hye (Malt)
  • material/ingredient : MALT : 50% SUGAR : 50%
  • weight : 250 X 97 X 45 (mm), 240g(24 g x 10 bags)
  • shelf life : 24 months
  • storage way : room temperature
  • ea/1box : 20
  • Minimum lot : 10 boxes



  1. Patent No. 0283690 and other six patents
  2. Hygienic Processing: Only barley cores are used.
  3. Concentrated fermenting which prevent the loss of enzymes.
  4. Traditional taste.
  5. Tea bag for easy making.



  1. Input ingredients: Put two bowels of rice, two liters of water (10 beer cups), and five tea bags of Sikhye Making (one tea bag: 120g) into the cooker. Then, stir them.
  2. Warming: Set the cooker in the warming mode and wait around eight hours. If the water temperature is 60 ~ 70°C, fermentation will be accelerated.(It will be convenient if you start this step in the evening. So that you have sikhye in the next morning)
  3. Fermentation Completed: When two or three grains of rice float, fermentation is completed.
  4. Boiling: Set the cooker in the cooking mode for five to ten minutes or boil fermented sikhye in the gas oven for five minutes.
  5. Durebang Sikhye: Remove tea bags and enjoy sikhye. According to your taste, you may add sugar to sikhye.

  6. * If the water temperature is 60 ~ 70°C, fermentation will be accelerated.